The name Briggs has been around for over 55 years. Briggs Engineering & Testing was originally started in Hingham, MA in the late 1950's by Mr. Robert Briggs, P.E. to provide design consulting and testing services of asphalt and concrete products and their applications. At that time, Mr. Briggs' primary focus was airports and roadways. Soon after its inception the company expanded its scope to include quality control inspection and materials testing of most building construction materials and their installation procedures. Today, Briggs is a domestic corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is jointly owned by Paul M. Skorohod (President) and Kenneth M. Oliver (Vice President). It has been under their ownership since 1996 and has experienced significant growth since then. Briggs Engineering and Testing currently employs upwards of 120 highly professional engineers, technicians and inspectors. Today the company continues to diversify and offers a wide range of engineering and consulting services across New England.