Project Overview Hillwood Development has acquired over 100 acres of the Osgood Landing industrial facility in North Andover to construct a 3,800,000 square foot state-of-the-art logistics facility for Amazon. Construction of the Amazon facility in North Andover is currently underway and is scheduled to be complete by August of 2022.

Whiting-Turner was selected by Hillwood as the general contractor.
Below are the projects milestones:
  • There are 6,420 aggregate piers that create the ground improvement system for all foundations for the superstructure
  • These aggregate piers consist of 16,000 tons of 3/4” aggregate stone
  • There are 628 footings that sit on these aggregate piers to support the superstructure
  • These footings consist of approximately 30,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • There are roughly 4.5 miles of site drainage piping being installed on the site
  • There are roughly 1.5 miles of sedimentation and erosion control measures on the site
  • There are roughly 1.5 miles of new forced sewer mains being installed on the site
  • There are 13,536 solar panels installed on the project
  • There are roughly 1.75 miles of new fire protection water loops that are being installed on the project

Relevance to this Project

  • Inspection and testing of cast-in-place concrete
  • Inspection of reinforcing steel
  • Inspection of structural steel
  • Inspection and testing of masonry
  • Soils compaction testing