A leader in our industry

Briggs Engineering & Testing is regularly audited and/or certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cement and Concrete Laboratory (CCRL), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the US Army Corps of Engineers, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the New England Transportation Technician Certification Program (NETTCP). We are also licensed or pre-qualified by all applicable state agencies such as the Massachusetts Highway Department (MHD) and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA). Our State Certified Materials Laboratory and testing equipment is current and state of the art.

Our History

The name Briggs is well established, having operated in this area for well over 55 years. Briggs Engineering & Testing was founded in Hingham, MA in the late 1950’s by Mr. Robert Briggs, P.E. to provide design consulting and testing services of asphalt and concrete products and their applications. At that time, Mr. Briggs’ primary focus was airports and roadways. Soon after its inception the company expanded its scope to include quality control inspection and materials testing of most building construction materials and their installation procedures. 

In 1996 Paul M. Skorohod and Kenneth M Oliver took ownership. The company, a registered domestic corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has enjoyed significant growth since then, currently employing 113 engineers, technicians and inspectors. Briggs continues to diversify and offer a wide range  of engineering and consulting services across New England 

Our Facilities

Our 10,000 square foot laboratory located in Rockland, MA is fully equipped for testing the physical properties of soils, aggregates, concrete, structural steel, fireproofing, masonry and bituminous concrete in addition to numerous other materials. Additionally, we have a 3000 cubic foot constant mist curing room and a 1 million pound compressive strength testing machine. We also have storage capacity for up to 5000 cylinders per month. Our Cumberland, RI facility consists of a 4000 square foot laboratory, which is also fully equipped to perform the analysis of soils, aggregates, concrete, masonry and bituminous concrete. It has storage capacity of up to  2500 cylinders and contains a constant mist curing room as well. A sampling of our state of the art laboratory equipment inventory includes the 1 million pound compression machine which will accept specimens up to 6 foot long and a 400 thousand pound tensile machine capable of accepting specimens up to 2′-6″ in length. Additionally, our smaller equipment list includes 4 concrete compression machines, 23 nuclear moisture/density gauges, numerous sieve shakers, multiple concrete coring rigs, digital scales, ovens and other environment chambers as well as soil and asphalt compaction equipment. Our RI laboratory also includes a constant mist curing room as well.

Our People

In today’s fast paced and challenging construction industry, Briggs Engineering is led by a staff of highly experienced and accredited industry professionals.

To meet the stringent quality assurance requirements and standards of many projects throughout New England, they possess a wide range of certifications including: ACI, ICC, NETTCP, NICET, AWS and AISC.

Executive Management

Paul Skorohod, President

President, Co-Owner, Director of QA/QC . 

Ken Oliver, Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President, Co-Owner 


Sean Skorohod, Director of Testing and Field Operations MA & RI Offices
Mr. Skorohod is responsible for the management of all field and laboratory testing and inspections related to soils, bituminous asphalt, concrete and reinforcing steel. He has been with Briggs for over 24 years. Over that period of time he has been directly involved in some of the largest construction projects in New England including: the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant, Providence Place Mall, the Foxwoods Casino Expansion, Gillette Stadium and the Boston Convention and Expo Center. Mr. Skorohod is certified as an ACI Concrete Construction Special Inspector and holds numerous other certifications. He is also a past President of the Massachusetts Construction Industry Board.

Todd Livolsi, Director of Business Development
Mr. Livolsi joined the company in 2007 and has over 20 years of experience in technical sales and business development in construction and related industries. Mr. Livolsi is responsible for Briggs lead generation, proposal and RFP management. He is involved with the implementation of all strategic marketing plans, monitors all external and internal environments for the development of new market segments and promotes the companies mission, vision and standards. He is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology and holds a B.A. in Technical Management. He is proudly affiliated with the Massachusetts Building Congress and is a volunteer member of the Alzheimer’s Associations.

ROGER FERNANDES, Director of Roadway, Utilities & Transportation Infrastructure Services
Mr. Fernandes has over 20 plus years experience in quality assurance and quality control related to roadway and utility construction. His relevant experience includes roadway design, roadway and forensic investigation, pavement management, and bituminous asphalt field, lab and plant testing & inspections.  Additionally, he manages, oversees and coordinates all of the field operations associated with roadway construction for Briggs Engineering and Testing. Mr. Fernandes was the former QC plant manager for the Lorusso Corp, in Wrentham, MA, and has served over 10 plus years as a municipal town engineer.  

Franck Buckley, Director of Building Technology (Envelope & Moisture Protection)
Mr. Buckley leads the Existing Building Services Group with highly specialized knowledge in building envelope technology. Mr. Buckley and his group are experienced in historic & modern construction materials & assemblies including: concrete, masonry, wood, metal, moisture protection (roofing, siding, waterproofing, flashing, air/vapor barriers, etc.) and fenestration (windows, exterior doors & curtain walls). Mr. Buckley also trains and supervises group members and evaluates overall job efficiency. Additionally, he performs building evaluations, remedial design & specification review, competitive bidding and contract administration services. He advises clients on high-quality, cost effective maintenance, renewal and rehabilitation solutions as well as providing consultation to prominent New England industrial, institutional, municipal and multi-residential property owners.

Kevin Curran, Director of Structural Steel
Mr. Curran joined Briggs Engineering & Testing in July of 1997 as Director of the NDE and Structural Steel Department. His responsibilities include the management, performance, task coordination and training of all personnel relative to structural steel inspection, nondestructive evaluation testing, pull-out testing, spray fireproofing & fire stopping inspections, steel fabrication plant QA inspections and GPR testing. Mr. Curran has over 25 years of experience in the field of NDE and specialized testing and is familiar with the AWS, ASME, AISC, ANSI and MILSTD codes.

Dave Geisser, Manager of Geotechnical Services
Mr. Geisser is Briggs’ Senior Geotechnical Engineer for geotechnical engineering projects including construction of single and multi-story buildings and retaining walls. He is a graduate of Northeastern University with more than twenty years of working knowledge. He performs site monitoring, subsurface geotechnical investigations including test borings and test pits and prepares exploration logs denoting pertinent observations. Additionally, Mr. Geisser performs analyses including bearing capacity, slope stability, lateral earth support, and settlement analyses. He is OSHA trained and certified for environmental site work and is a site safety officer responsible for implementing health and safety programs during earthwork activities at and adjacent to Superfund Sites.