Our Facilities

Our 10,000 square foot laboratory located in Rockland, MA is fully equipped for testing the physical properties of soils, aggregates, concrete, structural steel, fireproofing, masonry and bituminous concrete in addition to numerous other materials. Additionally, we have a 3000 cubic foot constant mist curing room and a 1 million pound compressive strength testing machine. We also have storage capacity for up to 5000 cylinders per month. Our Cumberland, RI facility consists of a 4000 square foot laboratory, which is also fully equipped to perform the analysis of soils, aggregates, concrete, masonry and bituminous concrete. It has storage capacity of up to  2500 cylinders and contains a constant mist curing room as well. A sampling of our state of the art laboratory equipment inventory includes the 1 million pound compression machine which will accept specimens up to 6 feet long and a 400 thousand pound tensile machine capable of accepting specimens up to (2 1/2 feet) in length. Additionally, our smaller equipment list includes 4 concrete compression machines, 23 nuclear moisture/density gauges, numerous sieve shakers, multiple concrete coring rigs, digital scales, ovens and other environment chambers as well as soil and asphalt compaction equipment.