In November of 2020. The U.S. Navy announced that General Dynamics Electric Boat Corporation was awarded a contract modification for the design and support efforts for the Columbia Class of Ballistic Missile Submarines. The contract was valued at $9.47 billion. Electric Boat is the prime contractor on the Columbia program, which will replace the aging Ohio class of ballistic missile submarines. Electric Boat will perform about 78% of the construction of the Columbia class and recently shifted the program to full-scale construction at the company’s manufacturing complex in Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Construction of four of the six ‘supermodules’ will take place at Electric Boat’s Quonset Point facility. The supermodules will then be transported by barge to the company’s Final Test and Assembly yard in Groton, Connecticut, where the components will be assembled into a complete submarine in a 200,000 square-foot facility now under construction specifically for the Columbia class.

Relevance to this Project

  • Inspection and testing of concrete & rebar
  • Inspection and testing of soils/earthwork
  • Inspection of structural steel & fireproofing
  • Inspection and testing of bituminous concrete
  • Inspection and testing of masonry
  • Inspection and testing of AVB, Roofing, and  Building Envelope Systems.
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